Selenite Charging Bowl
Selenite charging bowl
Selenite charging bowl
Selenite charging bowl
Selenite bowl
selenite bowl
selenite bowl
selenite bowl

Selenite Round Charging Bowl

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Selenite Crystal Charging bowl - perfect for cleansing and charging other crystals and jewellery.

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1 - 8.5cm x 4cm 255g

2 - 8.5cm x 4cm 276g

3 - 8.2cm x 3.3cm 173g

4 - 7.9cm x 2.6cm 151g

Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals attracting positivity and light into your life and harnessing protection from the angelic realm! It’s perfect for mediation, as it brings clarity and focus into the mind and promotes a peaceful environment when placed around the home.

The Powerful Properties of Selenite:
⭐️Powerful Cleanser
⭐️Helps connect you with your guides
⭐️Absorbs and expels negative energy
⭐️Attracts positivity
⭐️Cleanses the aura
⭐️Cleanses other crystals
⭐️Increases energy
⭐️Perfect crystal to use during mediation as it clears the mind
⭐️Helps increase focus
⭐️Reduces anxiety
⭐️Helps with insomnia
⭐️Clears energy blockages
⭐️Improves self-confidence
⭐️Provides emotional healing
⭐️Activates the crown and higher chakras
⭐️Promotes spiritual growth
⭐️Excellent for all types of spiritual work