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  • Ruby Kyanite Tower
  • Ruby Kyanite Tower
  • Ruby Kyanite Tower
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Ruby Kyanite Large Tower

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Ruby Kyanite Tower
Ruby in Kyanite is a unique combination mineral that was recently found in southern India. It was discovered in the same location that houses the very attractive Ruby in Fuchsite deposit. Occasionally small veins of all 3 minerals can be found together, thus creating an extremely rare mineral known on the market as Ruby
 Fushsite in Kyanite.

 Ruby Kyanite is a stone of absolute powerhouse for healing, protection and spiritual growth.  Ruby is known to drive one forward with enthusiasm and anticipation for spiritual growth while Kyanite offers the best protection by keeping the energy field clean and the 7 major Chakras stimulated and balanced.

These two stones working together create a sense of courageous strength with a calm and tranquil vibration. It has one intention, to keep us moving forward in a positive light and out of the path of any negativity.