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  • rainbow obsidian bead bracelet
  • rainbow obsidian bead bracelet
  • rainbow obsidian bead bracelet
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Crystal Serenity UK

Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet

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Rainbow Obsidian Bead stretch bracelet 

8mm beads approximately 

Rainbow obsidian is a type of stone which is made of volcanic glass and the layers are caused by the pyroxene’s nanoparticle inclusions. When exposed to bright light it reveals lustrous layers of pretty rainbow colours.

Rainbows obsidian is a highly grounding stone and will work to remove negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with good empowering ones. 
It will clear and purify your Aura, clearing away negativity you get from your environment and your emotions.

A powerful negativity shield it will ward off people with negative Aura and not so honourable intentions.