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  • Clear quartz crystal angel
  • Clear quartz Crystal Angel
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Clear Quartz Crystal Angel

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Quartz crystals are known as “The master healer crystal,” ad they can be used to heal any condition that they are needed for.

Quartz Crystal are extremely unique beneficial stones as they can take in the energy of any situation as it holds all the colours in the spectrum. 

Introducing quartz crystals into your life is highly beneficial if you are struggling with emotional exhaustion, psychic dullness, and lack of motivation, especially if those feelings are manifesting in your physical body.

If you choose to use your quartz crystals to heal your psychic body and aura, then you will quickly find yourself feeling more optimistic, more energetic, and more interested in the world around you.

This is because, as you heal, the crystal is putting you “in tune” with the world’s energy, and making you into a consistent part of the greater pattern.