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  • Prehnite Sphere
  • Prehnite Sphere
  • Prehnite Sphere
  • Prehnite Sphere
  • Prehnite Sphere
  • Prehnite Sphere
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Prehnite Sphere

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Measures 52mm in diameter 

weight: 211g

This beautiful Prehnite Sphere has Pyrite inclusions and contains natural cracks and druzy. 

The prehnite crystal is known as a stone of magic and allegedly helps those around it to uplift their vibration and bring forth a sense of abundance and preparedness. 

Some people believe that this crystal contains an energy that can enhance intuition and even give the gift of prophecy. Because of its pleasant green shade, prehnite brings to mind the natural world and all its beauty. 

Throughout history, many people have turned to prehnite crystals as a way to connect more deeply with the elements and cultivate a greater appreciation for nature. The prehnite stone brings protection and peace, imparting a sense of harmony with the universe. 

**Sphere stand not included but is available to purchase