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  • Pink aragonite crystal tower
  • Pink Aragonite Crystal Towers
  • Pink Aragonite Crystal Tower
  • Pink Aragonite crystal tower
  • Pink Aragonite crystal tower
  • Pink Aragonite crystal tower
  • Pink Aragonite Crystal Tower
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Crystal Serenity UK

Pink Aragonite Tower

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1 - 11.6cm, 165g

2 - 12.1cm, 226g

3 - 10.7cm, 143g

Pink Aragonite with its soft pink colouring resonates with the Heart Chakra and is useful in matters of love and relationships. It teaches us patience, stability, trust, understanding of others points of view and can bring peace and calm into our relationships making them healthier and much more fulfilling. Pink Aragonite is also extremely useful in reducing anger and cooling hot tempers. It helps to combat emotional stress bought on by having way too much to cope with, feeling lonely, depressed or isolated or simply feeling as though your spirit is scattered. Pink Aragonite helps us to see the root of the problems we face, their causes and their solutions too. It helps to bring brings calm and peace into our lives.