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  • Aqua Aura Quartz Points
  • Aqua Aura Quartz points
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Light Blue Aura Quartz Point

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Light Blue Aura Quartz Points 

Sizes vary, one supplied

 Aqua Aura is called both a success and an abundance stone. It is said to attract success to all who use or carry it, and help them understand that it is indeed success.

The stunning and striking color of this crystal looks almost like the finest aquamarine gem, with flashes of shimmering violet and enhanced opalescence.

You will be captivated by this electric blue crystal and its subtle flashes of rainbow luminosity. It’s really no wonder why it’s the most popular aura quartz!

This crystal can stimulate your throat chakra, which will enhance your communication. 

If you have always found it a struggle to verbalize your thoughts, or to speak up when the opportunity is right there in front of you, aqua aura quartz can help you communicate effectively.

Aqua aura quartz is soothing and healing to the aura as much as it is effective in releasing your physical stress and emotional negativities.