Lepidolite mice natural specimen
Lepidolite mica natural specimen
Raw lepidolite mica

Lepidolite Mica Large Natural Specimen

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Brazilian Lepidolite Mica Natural Specimen

181g 10cm x 4cm approx 

Lepidolite has a soothing, calming energy. This wonderful crystal promotes joy, gratitude and self-love in an extremely calm and serene way. Lepidolite can help you through difficult challenges, it has a unique power to relieve emotional stress and suffering, helping you to become awakened to the joy present in the universe. This strong vibrations of Lepidolite can help you become attuned with the divine powers of the universe and within yourself. Also great for Astral travel and re-birth. 

Linked to the Heart and Brow chakra and the star sign Libra.

*one supplied