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Crystal Serenity UK

Fluorite Cube

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Fluorite is a powerful stone for mental clarity, working through spiritual growth, psychic advancement & bringing order to your priorities. It helps activate inner wisdom & strengthens intuition. With this growth of knowledge, one can be inspired to find & follow their true life calling, as this raise in energy vibrations can create a new found joy in life; which in return can heighten manifestation powers & bring dreams or goals to fruition. As the " mental fog " continues to fade, learning will become a new passion, as one will come to find important information flowing in from all directions; which makes this stone a great tool during spiritual awakenings. Fluorite drives the energy of the Heart chakra, encouraging the user to follow their heart & seek their passion. It offers psychic protection, filtering out lower vibrations & helping one to detox from negatives energies that no longer serve them.