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  • African Blood Stone Carved elephants
  • Elephant Crystal Carvings
  • Green Strawberry Quartz carved Elephants
  • Lavakite Elephant Crystal Carving
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  • dragons blood elephant carving
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Crystal Elephant Carving

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Elephant Crystal Carvings

African Blood Stone (4 x 3cm) A powerful healer across the spiritual and physical planes. When feeling fearful or frail, bloodstone brings tenacity and strength. It gives us the confidence to face challenges, instills the courage to move forward, and carries encouraging, comforting energy. Bloodstone draws energy through the base, or root chakra, filling us with greater determination. it will be your ally in difficult times, increasing your resilience and resolve .

Green Strawberry Quartz ( 4 x 3cm) properties are similar to Clear Quartz but with a focus on love. Strawberry Quartz can receive love energy from the heavens. It can help one to feel calm, amplify intentions of love, helps one feel and embrace gratitude and  generosity.

White Jade (4 x 3cm) is very calming and comforting.  It helps us to manage emotionally difficult situations gracefully and to bring our life back into harmony as quickly as possible.  All forms of Jade attract friends and lovers, White Jade in particular attracts soulmates and soulfriends that are meant to help us grow into our Best Self.  White Jade reminds us to treat people the way we wish to be treated.  It also helps us create good boundaries and to have clear communication so that other people treat us right.  White Jade is an excellent crystal ally for encouraging self love and self-sufficiency.  It helps us to be true to ourselves and to focus our energy and attention on whatever brings the most Love, Light and Blessings into our lives.

Lavakite (4 x 3cm) is a stone of inner transformation that helps one better adapt to change as well as accept and understand any benefits that may come with it. Lavakite helps one access their inner strength and enables their personal willpower to go on autopilot. This will assist one through any difficult process causing constant distress. When we're not need to worry about the cost of any negativity that these new surroundings may bring them as lava coat fully protect one's spiritual and physical body including your auric field.

Dragons Blood Jasper (4.5 x 3.2cm) was given to warriors as a talisman of protection. It was believed to give warriors the courage of a dragon, and the cellular regenerative healing of a reptile working to heal wounds, and stop bleeding. Spiritually it will give the person the courage to dive deep within themselves and face their darkest truths, and blocked pasts. It aids in forgiving those truths with love, and awareness, to foster self love. For accepting the self is the start to understand the true power of the self.