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  • Aura Tourmalated Quartz Sphere
  • Aura Tourmalated Quartz Sphere
  • Aura Tourmalated Quartz Sphere
  • Aura tourmalated quartz sphere
  • Aura Tourmalated Quartz sphere
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Crystal Serenity UK

Aura Tourmalinated Quartz Sphere 65mm

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This stunning Sphere measures a 65mm in diameter and has a beautiful purple/pink hue.

Milky white opaque Quartz Sphere with needle-like spikes of Black Tourmaline within.

Tourmalinted Quartz can help bring balance to the yin and yang energies and is often used as a good luck charm. Black Tourmaline is a well known stone in metaphysical circles. Used for grounding and clearing, black tourmaline is also exceptional at blocking and transmuting negative energy, making it a wonderful stone for releasing fear and worry, and for protection of one's energy field. Black Tourmaline is also used for clearing away electromagnetic pollution from sources such as TV's, Computers and Mobile Phones.

Quartz is known as "the master healer" in the mineral kingdom and is often used to enhance psychic abilities. It open and activate the chakras and is a great tool for meditating and manifestation. The combination of Quartz and Black Tourmaline creates a powerful ally in one's spiritual growth, keeping you grounded and helps to avoid picking up negative vibrations from the environment or other people.