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  • Angelite Puffy Heat
  • Angelite Puffy Heat
  • Angelite Puffy Heat
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Angelite Large Puffy Heart (2)

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Beautiful Angelite Large Puffy Heart 

Measures 7.5cm x 6.2cm

Weight: 213g 

**This crystal has a small chip on the base tip of the heart hence reduced price. 

Angelite is a stone of tranquility and invokes a sense of inner peace. As its name suggests, it is associated with angelic guidance and is intensely spiritual. Angelite is a powerful stone for relieving tension, anger, and stress. It can also be helpful for meditation and dreamwork. Angelite is associated with the Element of Air. It stimulates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Angelite can also support gentle and peaceful communication with yourself and those around you. It is a stone of spiritual healing and forgiveness.